Things seem to be coming to a conclusion in the Ariel Winter guardianship case, and that's a relief because OH MY GOD enough already.

As you'll recall, custody of the 14-year-old 'Modern Family' star was given to her sister Shanelle Workman after their mother Chrystal Workman was charged with allegations of abuse.

According to TMZ, lawyers for both sides have reached a settlement and are now hammering out the final details in the case, which include Shanelle being granted permanent guardianship and Chrystal losing all “custodial rights.”

But Chrystal, who also lost custody of Shanelle two decades ago, obviously wasn't happy with this arrangement because witnesses said she could be heard outside the courtroom whining, “They're stripping everything from me."

In addition to Shanelle's continued care of her younger sister, father Glenn Workman was granted control of Ariel's estate, specifically her bank account. He initially wanted custody of his daughter, but it looks like he'll settle for controlling her money instead.

This is a surprising move considering that in the court documents, Glenn referred to his daughter as "my retirement surprise child.” Poor choice of words. We'd have gone with “the best little cash gift a daddy could ever want.”

Glenn is only being given temporary babysitting rights to the coin, but this could change in March when even more courtroom drama is on the docket.

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