Amanda Bynes seems determined to be the new Miley Cyrus. The two ladies are famous for their Twitter photos, have reputations for loving weed -- and now they both have platinum shaved heads, too.

Bynes posted photos -- selfies, obviously -- of her new 'do last night, and in the photo at right she actually looks exactly like Cyrus, in part because you can't see the long curls piled in the center of her head.

However, the Snoop Lion-favorite wasn't Bynes' style inspiration. Instead, she wanted to emulate Diddy's kept girl, Cassie, who's been rocking Skrillex hair since before Skrillex was even a thing.

While Bynes does look pretty cute with her close-cropped 'do, it sort of makes us sad -- she just blew $11,000 on extensions. Here's hoping she saved them for later.

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