Amanda Bynes announced last week that she had shaved half of her head, and shared some selfies that actually looked pretty rad.

Now she's given us a better look, posting a new video and some photos. In good lighting with decent resolution, even!

Amanda posted a new clip on video sharing servie Telly, where she steps towards and then backs away from a mirror several times in silence. (You can do the 'Twilight Zone' theme in your head.)

If you recall, her last video inexplicably featured the starlet "getting ready" while sucking on a Sour Patch Kid to techno music, and left the impression all was not well in Byneslandia.

A clad-in-white Amanda also took three new photos standing amidst the elliptical machines at her gym, posting one with the caption, "At the gym! Rawr!" And she looks better (and happier) than we've seen her look in a while.

This new crop of snaps is a stark contrast to the photos of her walking around New York, which she hated so much she threatened to sue anyone that used them.

Lucky for her -- and us -- we don't have to do that.