Anne Hathaway, one of the breakout fashionistas of the last year, wore pretty, pale pink Prada to the 2013 Oscars. The straight, column shape spotlighted A. Hath's figure and even she showed off some sideboob.

Speaking of boobies, from certain angles Hathaway looked like she was flashing serious headlights, given the placement of the seam and the fabric.

The front was simple, but the bib-like collar clashed with her silvery necklace. Since the collar and was so high, she didn't need any baubles there. There just wasn't enough real estate for a necklace, so she should have gone without.

The necklace hung longer in the back, which seemed to be a trend tonight, as Jennifer Lawrence did the same thing. That would have been fine, had the dress been backless. But it wasn't -- it was criss-crossed and even had a knotted bow, making the top half look overly busy.

Hathaway (who's favored to win the Best Supporting Actress statue) said she picked the gown a mere three hours ago, as she was reportedly planning to don Valentino but changed her mind.

Jason Merritt, Getty Images
Jason Merritt, Getty Images