Seems actress Anne Hathaway has so much disdain for photographers, she'd rather take her chances with random strangers.

Of course, given her past experiences, who could really blame her.

After the 'Les Miserables' star touched down in Los Angeles today (April 29), a TMZ pap caught her outside the airport. But instead of smiling and answering a question or two, Anne made a beeline for a darkened car in front of the terminal ... except it wasn't waiting for her. Oops.

Rather than hop out for fear the driver might bolt and hold his famous Oscar-winning passenger for ransom, she instead asked if she could wait there until her own car arrived. He, unsurprisingly, said yes. Because hello, great cocktail party story.

Anne's ride showed up shortly thereafter. She switched cars, and the mysterious, helpful stranger drove off into the sunset.

That guy better get a tearful thank you during her next acceptance speech.

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