We don't mean to sound like grinches thefting Christmas or anything, but dude.

During a Nov. 27 pre-taped performance, Mariah Carey sang at the annual Christmas Tree Lighting in Rockefeller Center (it aired on TV the next night) -- and she pretty much unwrapped her "gifts" for all the world to see.

There were two outfits involved in this mayhem.

First, she wore a to-be-expected Mrs. Claus-inspired outfit, which she glammed up with red elbow-length gloves. The frock was overlaid with sparkle and MC blinged it up with bracelets, earrings and her mic, which was embossed with her initials.

James Devaney, Wire Image

But it's abundantly clear what Santa is looking at.

James Devnaney, Wire Image

And then, since she's a diva and one outfit would simply not suffice, she switched to a silvery column gown with a white fur shrug. It was very festive and holiday-appropriate.

Well, at least the color was.

James Devaney, Wire Image

We'd say that given the event, there was nothing wrong with either outfit, but those boobs. They're busting out all over. Is she still breastfeeding Dem Beybehs? Because her rack is working overtime.

James Devaney, Wire Image

Mimi's a curvy woman, but she doesn't need to scream it quite so loudly. Both of these outfits are just too much. She looks squeezed into 'em.

But maybe all that compression is how she hits the high octaves.

James Devaney, Getty Images