Sunglasses are a summer essential, but scarves? Really? Oh hell yes.

Scarves are usually an accessory to keep your neck warm (and stylish) during cold weather, but Hollywood celebs have been draped in them all summer long. The scarves and shades pairing, expertly executed by Jessica Alba and more, is a winner, even if it IS a bit confounding since an extra layer of fabric is not exactly serving a utilitarian purpose in July. 

Jessica Alba

The actress added a hat to her accessories-heavy look, double looping a print scarf and pairing it with wayfarers. This is the lightest and airiest way to wear the trend.

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Selma Blair

The fired-by-Charlie Sheen actress is a serious fashion plate. (Marc Jacobs even named one of his handbags after her in the '00s.) For her take on scarves and shades, Blair wore dark aviators and wrapped a long, navy scarf around her neck. It was big and bulky, but she worked it.

We suggest trying this version when in climates that get very cool at night so that it serves a purpose.

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Kelly Rowland

The 'X Factor' judge didn't bother with knots, except for the one atop her head. She tossed a blue shawl around her neck, letting it hang loose and free. It's not serving much of a purpose except adding an icy pop of color to a summer morning, which is perfectly acceptable.

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Ashlee Simpson

The singer, mom and sister of Jessica was all about the casual layers, with a light, flowy and colorful scarf added to her accessories-laden, black ensemble.

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