Jessica Alba has a new book, 'The Honest Life: Living Naturally and True to You,' which she thinks might fare better with the common man than whatever Queen Gwyneth Paltrow has to say on the subject.

Alba, a mother of two and co-founder of the Honest Co., discusses healthy living pro-tips and advice for greener living in her book. And she believes her wisdom is a bit more practical than some of her rivals, as she told the New York Daily News.

“Alicia Silverstone is a vegan, so she’s the extreme side of it,” she says. “Gwyneth Paltrow probably lives a very similar lifestyle, but I didn’t grow up with a bunch of money, so my tips are much more grounded: Repurposing things and making things at home."

Gwynnie's Goop empire, for those of you who've somehow missed it, extols the virtues of things like $500 leggings, $90 plain white Ts and $1,500 skull pendants (that aren't made from famous people's shrunken heads or anything).

And her latest book made headlines for her, uh, interesting techniques -- among them denying her children carbs because otherwise the fat terrorists might win. Nutritionists, doctors and literary critics were unamused.

But Jessica insists her book offers more cost-efficient solutions that she even uses herself. "There's lots of options, like delivery services for fresh produce that is organic, if people just want to do a couple of things in the book that are super-easy," she said. "You can take what you want from the book."

Gwyneth hasn't heard about this yet because she's out gathering sticks and dirt clumps for a quiche (to be made in a $300 pan, obvs), but when she does? Oh, heads yoga balls will roll.

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