Graphic tees, especially those with the faces of rock stars and other assorted music icons emblazoned on them, are always in style. Just hit your local Forever 21, and you can stock up on AC/DC tanks as easily as you can Biggie Smalls tees. Miley Cyrus was recently snapped paying homage to late rapper Tupac Shakur with her T-shirt, while fashion plate Diane Kruger threw on a Rolling Stones rock tee while at Coachella.

Miley Cyrus

We'd have expected the newly-minted punk princess to rock a Ramones tee or even Sex Pistols shirt, but since her name is often mentioned in rap songs, she gave it up for 'Pac. She's also been BFF'ing with Snoop Dogg (or Lion) so she's totally stocking up on hip-hop cred beyond her fashion choices.

Miley Cyrus
Pacific Coast News

Diane Kruger

The German actress is usually celebrated for her high-end and couture clothing -- but here she proved that she stays up even when she dresses down, pairing her vintage, slate-colored Mick Jagger tee with print shorts and a chain-strap, croc-print crossbody bag.

Diane Kruger Tee
Michael Kovac, Getty Images

Jaime King

The model and actress paid tribute to The King -- Elvis Presley -- with her graphic tee, making it The King for a King. (Don't you just love it when fashion is circular like that?)

Jaime dressed up her white tee with a glossy leather jacket and skirt and a statement necklace, so she overdid it a tad. She should have just let The King take center stage.

Jaime King Tee
Michael Buckner, Getty Images

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