Those British gals -- so stylish and so bold with their brows. We've noticed a trend among British beauties and English roses where their eyes are framed by bold and thick, yet well-manicured, brows. A thicker, fuller brow is more youthful than one that's overarched, overplucked and too thin. Bushy brows are in, especially for autumn -- as long as they are well-groomed.

You, too, can rock bold brows by aping actress Lily Collins, royal sis Pippa Middleton and more.

Lily Collins:

The 'Snow White' actress is 24, so she can get away with this amount of au naturel thickness. Her mega-long lashes help accentuate the density of her full brow, drawing the eye up. If you go this route, be sure and keep things as clean as possible.

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Pippa Middleton:

Pippa almost stole her sister's thunder at the royal wedding -- remember her bootay in that white McQueen gown? She continues to be a fashionista to watch. Her impeccably landscaped eye framers taper at the temple, which is the perfect shape for a woman approaching her 30s.

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Jessie J:

The pop singer shaved her head for charity and bleached the peach fuzz blond. She may have lighter brows, but that artful and perfectly shaped arch offers a real sexiness.

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Rita Ora:

The singer's elegantly arched brows are thick, clean, well-kept and flawless. She, too, retains a youthful vibe thanks to fullness.

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Cara Delevingne:

The supermodel focuses on the eye, with her heavy smoky eye makeup and thick, natural brow. She has fine bone structure, so this brow shape adds the right amount of balance.

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