When Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, hosts of the boozy fourth hour of 'Today,' covered a story on female grooming etiquette Friday morning, it all seemed innocent enough. But the wine-fueled conversation lead Kotb to make a rather revealing confession: She has a "landing strip."

The ladies were reporting on a story that analyzed the way women maintain the playing field, so to speak, and what it says about their personalities.

The topic of "vajazzling" got Kathie Lee riled up, launching her into a rant about how people survived before personal grooming and asserting humans have been on the planet for "six billion years," as she understands it. (Impressive, considering the Earth is only 4.5 billion years old.)

Then Kathie Lee kept going, as is her way, saying, "I have friends who like landing strips and some of you are in this room right now and it's just wrong," following up with lawnmower noises like a toddler.

The conversation culminated in Kathie Lee asking Hoda, "Which one are you, missy?"

Without hesitation, the Peabody Award-winning journalist announced she was in the landing strip camp, eliciting applause and whoops from the audience. "You asked and I answered," she said nervously.

When Kathie Lee reminded her that she just told the entire world about the shrubbery in her lady garden, all Hoda could manage between fits of laughter was, "You know, it's funny. It actually didn't hit me until you repeated it again."

No word on how much wine was consumed during the rest of the broadcast, but it was probably even more than usual.

Afterwards, Hoda tweeted one hilarious word:

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