Perhaps the best thing about this plan to have Tina Fey and Amy Poehler host the Golden Globes this month is all of their fun little promos leading up to it. For weeks we’ve been served these tasty little treats as appetizers to prepare us for the big awards meal.

Now we’re not sure if we’re hungry or excited. Probably both.

The next installment of Tina and Amy’s Awesome Series of Golden Globes Promos is this faux “behind the scenes” interview in which they dish about the upcoming awards. Who will win. Who they want to meet. Who they don’t want to meet. What they love about the Globes.

They start by telling us they decided to host the Golden Globes because they “seem like they’re pretty fun.” Fey equates them to a “very kind of sloppy, loud party ... That seemed like our kind of thing.”

They also love the Globes because, as Poehler puts it, “Television and film get to be together. So the beautiful people of film rub shoulders with the horrible, disgusting people of television.” Which, both agree, is “always nice to see.”

It turns out that Amy Poehler is hoping to meet one of those beautiful people of film, Angelina Jolie. According to Fey, Amy's already close with the star because she’s had “a lot of imaginary conversations with her.” But Poehler is hoping to really meet her this year so she can have an actual conversation with her “on stage or on camera … live at some point.”

Fey, on the other hand, claims to “hate everyone” and isn’t planning to meet anyone, although she might do some photo bombing.

As for their predictions, Fey is hoping to win Best Picture, even though she “didn’t even really make a movie this year.” They also think ‘Avatar’ will sweep the rest, including a Best Actor in a Drama award going to Daniel Day Lewis for his performance in ‘Avatar’ and a Best Actress in a Mini-Musical or Major Documentary Award going to Linda Hunt for her work in ‘Avatar.’

If Amy and Tina ever drop out of acting, we just hope they become casting agents.

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