'Step by Step,' a staple on ABC's old TGIF line-up, told the story of a divorced dad with three kids who meets a widowed mother of three on vacation, and the two of them decide to get married on a whim. It was like 'The Brady Bunch' of the '90s.

Join us as we see what the cast members of the show are up to now.

Suzanne Somers (Carol Foster-Lambert)

Then: The former 'Three's Company' star played Carol Foster-Lambert, widowed mother of three and beautician.

Now: Somers is the author of several best-selling self-help books, and made a guest appearance on 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' this year.

Suzanne Somers
ABC/Alberto E. Rodriguez, Getty Images

Staci Keanan (Dana Foster)

Then: Staci Keanan played Carol's oldest daughter, Dana, a smart feminist who openly despises Frank's sons. Keanan previously starred on the sitcom 'My Two Dads.'

Now: Keanan took a break from acting for several years, but returned in the '00s with some roles in small films. She made a cameo appearance in 'You Again,' and starred in the 2010 horror movie 'Death and Cremation.'

Staci Keanan

Angela Watson (Karen Foster)

Then: Angela Watson played Karen, the vain aspiring model and Carol's second oldest daughter.

Now: Watson has mostly left acting, only appearing in a 2005 direct-to-video movie called 'Final Approach,' and a 2007 short called 'Cowboys and Indians.' After discovering most of the money she made as a child was mismanaged by her parents, Watson stared the organization Child Actors Supporting Themselves.

Angela Watson
ABC/John M. Heller, Getty Images

Christopher Castile (Mark Foster)

Then: In addition to playing Carol's nerdy son Mark, Christopher Castile also starred in both 'Beethoven' and 'Beethoven's 2nd.'

Now: Following a brief stint as a voice actor on the Nickelodeon series 'Hey Arnold,' Castile retired from acting. He is now a political science professor in Canada.

Christopher Castile

Patrick Duffy (Frank Lambert)

Then: Former 'Dallas' and 'Knots Landing' star Patrick Duffy played Frank, a divorced father of three.

Now: Duffy starred on 'The Bold and the Beautiful' from 2006 to 2011, and currently stars on the reboot of 'Dallas.'

Patrick Duffy
ABC/Alberto E. Rodriguez, Getty Images

Brandon Call (J.T. Lambert)

Then: Prior to working on 'Step by Step,' Brandon Call starred on Baywatch' as Hobie. He also appeared on 'Magnum P.I.' and 'Santa Barbara.'

Now: Brandon left acting when 'Step by Step' ended in 1998. Not much is known about him now, but we did manage to find a picture from Facebook.

Brandon Call

Christine Lakin (Alicia "Al" Lambert)

Then: Christine Lakin played Frank's tomboyish daughter, Alicia -- or as everyone else called her, "Al."

Now: Lakin has appeared on a number of TV shows, including '7th Heaven,' 'Veronica Mars,' and 'Melissa and Joey.' She'll be reprising her 'Veronica Mars' role in the upcoming film.

Christine Lakin
ABC/Jason Merritt, Getty Images

Josh Byrne (Brendan Lambert)

Then: Josh Byrne played Brendan, Frank's youngest son. Brendan is shy, but more accepting of Carol's family.

Now: Byrne left acting when 'Step by Step' ended, and like Brandon Call, we don't know much about him -- but this MySpace photo appears to show him at a Renaissance Fair.

Josh Byrne

Sasha Mitchell (Cody Lambert)

Then: Sasha Mitchell played Cody, Frank's nephew. He'd previously starred with Patrick Duffy on the original 'Dallas,' and was featured in all three 'Kickboxer' sequels.

Now: Since 'Step by Step' ended, Mitchell has appeared on 'ER,' 'JAG,' and 'NYPD Blue.' Mitchell's also been in trouble with the law over the years, particularly with his first wife in the '90s -- but in 2010, he re-married, and we found an awesome pic.

Sasha Mitchell

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