Minkus was our favorite annoying little dork on 'Boy Meets World,' but what happened to Lee Norris, the actor who played him?


You probably remember a young Lee Norris from seeing him frequently on the Disney channel. First there was 'The Torkelsons' and its spin-off, 'Almost Home,' two shows that ran briefly in the early '90s. Then Norris landed a role on 'Boy Meets World' as the bookish and annoying Minkus, a nerd always trying to cause some trouble.

When the show ended in 1998, we wondered what would happen to our beloved Minkus.


Lee Norris One Tree Hill

Following the end of 'Boy Meets World,' Norris had a couple of bit parts on 'Dawson's Creek,' but it wasn't until 2003 that he had a real comeback, starring as Marvin McFadden on the long-running series 'One Tree Hill.'

He also had small roles in big films like 'October Road' and 'Zodiac,' but he's enjoyed the most success on television -- 'One Tree Hill' was on the air for nine years, ending its run in 2011. You've probably also noticed that Lee outgrew his dorky childhood appearance and blossomed into quite the cutie.

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