You guys remember 'The Neverending Story,' right? Bet you can't get that theme song out of your head now that we've mentioned it. And surely you remember Noah Hathaway -- he played the beautiful young Atreyu, who fought valiantly to help Bastian save the world. So whatever happened to him?

In 'The Neverending Story,' a young boy named Bastian reads a book and discovers that what he's reading is actually happening, and he's become the only hope for the world within the book.

The hero of the story Bastian is reading is Atreyu, and the two have to team up to save the world by giving a beautiful princess a name because she doesn't have one. It's filled with fantasy and adventure and some really rad necklaces and a flying luck dragon named Falcor who looks like a big white dog.

But back to Atreyu -- he rides a magnificent white horse named Artex and has some of the prettiest hair you've ever seen. We thought for sure this kid was going places, but then he just sort of... disappeared.

Turns out Noah Hathaway didn't quite disappear. He went on to star in 'Battlestar Galactica,' 'Troll,' and more recently, a little indie flick called 'Sushi Girl.' He was also active on Twitter until sometime in 2011, and his official site apparently remains under construction indefinitely. But maybe if we wish really hard, he'll come back to us.

Check out a more recent photo of Noah, aka Atreyu, below:

Noah Hathaway Twitter

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