You remember him as D.J. Conner, the youngest son of Dan and Roseanne on the hit '80s and '90s sitcom 'Roseanne,' but what's Michael Fishman been up to since he grew up?


Michael Fishman played D.J., the baby of the blue-collar Conner family on 'Roseanne' (a landmark television series in that it portrayed a working class family and was created by a woman). D.J. was always a harmless little troublemaker, and often got the short end of the attention stick thanks to his older sisters and their shenanigans.


Michael Fishman
Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

Fishman was 15 when the show ended in 1997, and understandably devastated about its demise -- he literally grew up on 'Roseanne,' so it felt like losing a family.

It makes sense, then, that he continued his professional relationship with his TV mom, co-hosting her talk show 'The Roseanne Show' for 54 episodes in 1999. He also did guest-starring stints on episodes of 'Seinfeld' and 'Walker, Texas Ranger' before disappearing from acting -- only to return in 2011 to again join Roseanne, this time on her reality series 'Roseanne's Nuts.'

In the years that he's been absent from acting, Fishman -- who's now married and has two kids -- has been honing his skills behind the scenes, working set design and the technical aspects of filmmaking, including camera operating and assistant directing.

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