You probably remember fresh-faced blonde '90s star Kelly Packard from the NBC show 'California Dreams' (or maybe from 'Baywatch'), but what's Ms. Packard up to these days?


Kelly Packard is best known for starring on 'California Dreams,' which was about a group of teenagers who lived in California (obviously) and enjoyed hanging on the beach and playing in their band. It was like that one dream episode of 'Saved by the Bell' where Zack and his friends had that band, Zack Attack. But imagine a whole show like that.

Packard also starred on 'Baywatch' and made appearances on 'Boy Meets World,' 'The Wonder Years,' 'Blossom,' and 'Step by Step.'


Kelly Packard
Paul Redmond, FilmMagic

Packard went on to host the show 'Ripley's Believe it or Not,' and in 2008, she hosted the late segment of 'GSN Live' on the Game Show Network. Her last acting credit was the 2010 film 'My Girlfriend's Boyfriend.' In her personal life, she's a Mormon and she and her husband of 15 years have four children together.

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