Everyone remembers adorable little Tim from 'Jurassic Park,' but what happened when actor Joseph Mazzello grew up? Where did he go?


Joseph Mazzello played Tim, nephew of John Hammond, the creator of 'Jurassic Park' -- a tourist destination and dinosaur theme park. As Tim, Mazzello got to go on an intense adventure and interact with really awesome (fake) dinosaurs, helping his sister and fellow park guests survive the most dangerous vacation ever.

You know him best from that, but as a child actor, Mazzello also starred in '90s films like 'Radio Flyer,' 'Three Wishes,' 'Star Kid,' 'The River Wild' and 'Simon Birch.'


Jason Kempin, Getty Images

Little Joseph Mazzello grew up to be quite the handsome gentleman, and he's still active in the acting industry. After taking a break for several years, Mazzello returned to star in films like 'The Social Network' and 'G.I. Joe: Retaliation,' and he's appeared on TV series like 'The Pacific' for HBO and, more recently, on the FX network series 'Justified.'

In his time away from acting, Mazzello got a degree from the University of Southern California, but not much other information is known about his personal life -- proving that not all child stars go through such painful and public growing pains.