Yeah, 'Blossom' was pretty cool with her big floppy flower hats and all, but everyone wanted to be like her BFF Six, played by Jenna von Oy. But what does Six look like now, and what has she been up to since 'Blossom' ended?

Jenna von Oy played Six on the series from 1990 to 1995, followed by appearances on shows like '7th Heaven' and 'Moesha,' as well as roles in made-for-TV Lifetime movies like 'She Cried No' and 'Dying to Belong.' (Don't even act like you didn't have a Lifetime movie phase in the 90s -- we all did and it was amazing.)

Jenna also took some racy photos for magazines to try and shake her '90s good girl image, but that didn't quite do the trick. Then, in 2007, Jenna released her first country music album called 'Breathing Room,' and in 2010, she married a computer data consultant named Brad Bratcher. The pair had a daughter last May, and Jenna now writes a mommy blog for

Check out a recent photo of the now 35-year-old Jenna below, still looking just as cute as she did in those horrible hats and overalls back in the '90s.

Jenna von Oy Getty Images
David Livingston, Getty Images

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