She was hilarious and charming as Princess Vespa in the '80s 'Star Wars' spoof 'Spaceballs,' but where is Daphne Zuniga now?


After roles in the TV movie 'Quarterback Princess' and on the series 'Family Ties,' actress Daphne Zuniga landed a prime role as Princess Vespa, the Princess Leia counterpart in the 1987 spoof comedy 'Spaceballs,' comedy legend Mel Brooks' riff on 'Star Wars.'

In it, she starred alongside heavyweights John Candy, Bill Pullman, Rick Moranis, and Brooks himself -- and if you thought Princess Leia made the boys swoon, Zuniga's Princess Vespa kicked it up a notch with her penchant for wacky antics.


Daphne Zuniga
Alberto E. Rodriguez, Getty Images

Zuniga went on to find success on television -- you may remember her four years playing Jo Reynolds on 'Melrose Place,' her role on the short-lived series 'American Dreams,' or that she starred on 'One Tree Hill' as Victoria Davis from 2008 to 2012.

She reprised her role as Princess Vespa for the 'Spaceballs' animated TV series, which sadly didn't last for very long, but she still finds work in smaller films and made-for-TV movies.