Tina Fey has three words for anyone who asks her about Taylor Swift from this point on.

We'll let you guess what they are. Here's a hint: they're not "I," "love" nor "you."

When a paparazzo badgered Fey on a New York City street asking about the somewhat imaginary feud between herself, her BFF Amy Poehler and the country crossover, Fey gave the only appropriate response: "Go f--- yourself."

As a comedy veteran, Fey knows that it's all in the delivery -- so her delivery was cheerful and sunny.

The pap continued asking Fey for a comment on what started as an innocuous joke, so after briefly chatting with a fan, Fey once more told him, "Go f--- yourself."

Liz Lemon would be so proud. And hey, at least she didn't lunge at the guy.

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