Taylor Swift not letting something go? Surely, you jest!

To the surprise of pretty much no one, the country crossover starlet is once more bringing up a man that made her mad. This time, her passive aggression is directed not at a big mean exboyfriend, but at Kanye West.

Yes, still. But to her credit, at least this time there was a sense of humor involved.

In case you lived under a rock in 2009, a drunken West interrupted Swift's 2009 MTV Video Music Awards speech to spill some truth tea and say Beyonce deserved the Best Female Video moon man for 'Single Ladies.' (He probably wasn't entirely wrong, but he sure was rude.)

Swift, who keeps a photo of the incident framed in her home, then delivered an impassioned, barefoot, melodramatic performance of her song 'Innocent' at the 2010 VMAs.

And yesterday (July 17), Swift posted this in reference to her horrible, terrible misfortune and incredibly difficult life:

Cute, Swift. Admittedly cute. But dude, kinda old.

Kanye West laughing