Jon Stewart

Sorely Missed
‘Daily Show’ and Jon Stewart fans got a special treat on their favorite satirical news show on Thursday when the host -- who’s taking the summer off from the show to make a movie, despite whatever lies they’ve been telling on the show about where he’s been -- literally phoned it in, taking a break from directing to check in on his show from the Middle East via Skype.
Seat Warmer
In about a week, 'The Daily Show' host Jon Stewart is stepping away from his post for the first time since 1999 to make a film, and the guy who'll be filling in for him during his two-month absence, John Oliver, is terrified about the whole thing.
Opening Salvos
The political funnymen of Comedy Central, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, had a slightly (but not completely) somber approach to their show openers last night (April 16) in response to those horrific bombings at the Boston Marathon.
We’d Party With Jon Stewart
Be still our beating hearts -- what we wouldn't give to get our drink on with 'The Daily Show' host Jon Stewart. No seriously, we'd give a whole lot. A kidney. Our first born. Our loud neighbor's left and right testicle.
Summer Break
Comedy Central's long-running 'The Daily Show' host Jon Stewart is taking the summer off for the first time since getting the position in 1999 -- but it's for a good cause. He's making a movie about Iranian journalist Maziar Bahari, who was arrested shortly after appearing in a 'Daily Show' sketch.
Water Boy
GOP Representative Marco Rubio was probably hoping he'd be able to skate by with an impromptu sip of water during his response to Barack Obama's State of the Union address on Tuesday, Feb. 12, but the worst Poland Spring endorsement ever did not escape the notice of political late-night hosts Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert the following night.
Evil Plot
Longtime pals Jon Stewart, host of 'The Daily Show,' and Brian Williams, NBC's 'Nightly News' and 'Rock Center' anchor, are about to be in the midst of a friendly feud -- at least if Stewart has anything to say about it.
Worst Ever
At the recent Montclair Film Festival fundraiser in New Jersey, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert took over a stage to exchange personal anecdotes and talk about their work togther on 'The Daily Show.' And when Stewart was asked about his worst-ever guest, the comedian didn't hesitate, responding with an emphatic, "Hugh Grant."
Jon Stewart + Stephen Colbert
Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are the two comedic geniuses who've brought current events to the kids. Can you even remember a time when politics weren’t mad funny?