‘Daily Show’ and Jon Stewart fans got a special treat on their favorite satirical news show on Thursday when the host -- who’s taking the summer off from the show to make a movie, despite whatever lies they’ve been telling on the show about where he’s been -- literally phoned it in, taking a break from directing to check in on his show from the Middle East via Skype.

John Oliver has been holding down the desk at ‘The Daily Show’ and just as he was telling the audience that Stewart is “currently searching for treasure based on a map he found on the back of the Constitution,” the man himself interrupted to correct him.

Stewart looks good, wherever he’s holed up in the Middle East -- which may or may not be in an underground bunker with Edward Snowden -- but perhaps the beard isn’t something he should keep when he returns. (In his defense, he says he didn't grow it. They gave it to him when he arrived, like a lei in Hawaii.)

He also complimented Oliver on his “phenomenal job,” but admitted that he doesn’t watch the show much “because it’s too weird.”

“It’s like watching someone have sex with your wife’s desk,” he said, and we agree that would be odd and difficult to sit through. Unless it was a nice mahogany. And then maybe.

There are a lot of LOL-for-realz gems in this bit and it was great to see Stewart’s face during the show, even just for a few minutes, since he won’t be back until after Labor Day. We have to admit that miss him "like crazy cakes" too.

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