Eva Longoria

Celebrities With Surprising College Degrees
You might be surprised how many celebrities graduated from college -- and what they studied. With degrees in fields ranging from neurobiology to chemical engineering to architecture, some stars are brainier than you think. Here are 10 of our favorites...
Three's a Crowd
Yesterday a rumor started circling the interwebs alleging that George Clooney was trying to get with Eva Longoria even before he split from now ex-girlfriend Stacy Keibler.
The story is a celeb-watcher's dream, but alas, it's untrue. At least according to Longoria herself.
Hot But Broke
Eva Longoria may have fallen into the trap that ensnares a lot of wealthy single women: She’s got the hots for a fine-looking dude who's reportedly broke, while she's worth some $35 million. Which of course is making a lot of people wonder whether he's just after her for her money.
Okay, Lady Longori…
Yes, It's True
Actress Eva Longoria has finally 'fessed up to dating "philanthropist" and 'Ready For Love' reality show star Ernesto Arguello. And since he's only four years younger than she is, one of Hollywood's hottest cougars may have finally decided she prefers her p…
Style Breakdown
Eva Longoria is one of the most beautiful and stylish women in Hollywood. Unlike so many of her peers, the former Desperate Housewife doesn't have a style signature or a look she revisits on red carpets (and no, "form-fitting" and "figure-hugging" fabrics don't count).
In that res…
Eva Longoria – Bad Celebrity Tattoos
Actress Eva Longoria broke the "never get a tattoo related to your significant other" rule when she got her basketball-playing husband Tony Parker's jersey number ("nine") inked on the back of her neck.
Ah, celebrities and their sports star liaisons. Those rar…
On the Prowl
Looks like one of Hollywood's most notorious cougars has cast aside another cub: Actress Eva Longoria, 37, and New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, 25, are kaput.