Eva Longoria may have fallen into the trap that ensnares a lot of wealthy single women: She’s got the hots for a fine-looking dude who's reportedly broke, while she's worth some $35 million. Which of course is making a lot of people wonder whether he's just after her for her money.

Okay, Lady Longoria is also talented and gorgeous, so it's not hard to see why a guy would fall for her. But the fact that this one recently filed for bankruptcy does seem a bit, well ... off.

Ernesto Arguello may or may not be up to no good with the former 'Desperate Housewives' star, because the National Enquirer (via Radar Online) dug up proof that he filed bankruptcy last year with about $4 million in debt and about $1,500 to his name. (At the time of the filing, he actually claimed to only have five bucks on hand.)

Along comes Longoria and her failed reality show ‘Ready for Love,’ on which she meets Hottie McNoCash and falls head over heels. Of course, he falls in love right back, but is it because he wants to steal her shoes? The show lasted three episodes, but it sparked a longer romance.

Did Eva know about his empty wallet? Probably. She was a producer on 'Ready for Love,' and since most reality shows do background checks on the participants, we're guessing the Enquirer's revelation is no surprise.

Still, we’re watching you -- and your abs -- Ernesto. We know what you’re up to, so you better not take her money and run. Even if you would look really pretty doing it.

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