Eva Longoria is one of the most beautiful and stylish women in Hollywood. Unlike so many of her peers, the former Desperate Housewife doesn't have a style signature or a look she revisits on red carpets (and no, "form-fitting" and "figure-hugging" fabrics don't count).

In that respect, she's sort of a renegade, doing something different and keeping us guessing at every turn.

When casual, she's on trend. Here, she went with layers and was polished, thanks to the mixing of fabrics.

Cindy Ord, Getty Images

This gold Zuhair Murad dress, worn to Cannes, covered her up too much. It was way better from the back ... more on that in a sec.

Pascal LeSegretain, Getty Images

What's Right:

Longoria's lace LBD by Maria Lucia Hohan fired on all pistons. The long sleeves and past-the-knee length were classy. Notice the clear ankle strap -- what a delicate detail.

Kris Connor, Getty Images

Remember that gold Murad gown from Cannes? (Scroll up if you have short term memory issues.) From the front, it was overly designed and busy, but the keyhole back was a jawdropper. Oh, and hi, Eva's small-of-the-back tattoo!

Pascal LeSegretain, Getty Images

Longoria loves to play with color and this belted, lavender frock was a brilliant choice to pair with her golden skin.

Charles Norfleet, Getty Images

You know, we're thinking Longoria has a better butt than her fellow Latina stylista Jennifer Lopez. Her low-dipping red gown was better from the back. Again, her badonkadonk has us talking.

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What's Wrong:

We don't love this pinkish, peplum pantsuit by Pamella Roland. Even though it was strapless, it was not fun or youthful.

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Nice, but boring. The custard color -- it looks like eclair filling -- washed her out, as well.

Rick Diamond, Getty Images

This green body-con dress would be vastly improved if Longoria jacked up the hem a little. It's too long. A dress this tight is meant to be shorter. Like two inches and above the knee, girl.

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How to Fix It:

Longoria is at her fashion best when she goes with fun and flirty, like she did with this white Ferragamo dress.

Jennifer Graylock, Getty Images

She's also good at mixing sexy with casual, like she did at the Obama inauguration in January. Dusty rose-colored leather and knee-high black boots -- a great combo for the cold.

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This mint green Atelier Versace dress almost caused a wardrobe malfunction due to the thinness of the fabric and the rain, but it was super sexy because it showed some skin in two different places: The slit showed leg while there was a slight baring of the shoulder.

Longoria is a bomshell and she is best served when she dresses like it, as she did here.

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