Miley Cyrus' camp spent much of today denying that removing her engagement ring from Liam Hemsworth yet again was a sign of trouble in paradise.

But now there may be no denying it anymore, because Snoop Lion may have put her issues on blast.

Snoop discussed Cyrus' strife in an otherwise innocuous chat with The Huffington Post Live.

"The ‘Ashtrays and Heartbreaks’ single I have out with Miley Cyrus is doing very well because it’s one of those records that speaks to change, turnaround, ya know, just going through things," the infamously laidback rapper said. "And we both just going through something right now."

What's she going through? Besides, you know, dealing with her dad running his mouth?

"I can’t speak for her, ya know what I’m saying, but I know that she has a relationship that no longer exists," he revealed.

Oh dip.

"I know she’s probably in a transformation change with her life, her music [and] her career," he continued.

To be fair, the artist formerly known as D-O-Double G didn't say it was her relationship with Hemsworth that ended -- he may have been referring to her record deal with Hollywood Records, which has been replaced by a deal with RCA ... but that doesn't seem as likely.

He added, "She’s 20 years old and she’s an awesome artist to work with. She knows what she wants in life," he said. "I feel like maybe this is a time for her to take charge like I’m taking charge."

One thing Cyrus is good at taking charge of, apparently, is denial. Numerous reports suggest that Hemsworth wants out -- or at least a break -- but that she is terrified of losing the Aussie hunk.

Her camp insists she's pretty eager to work it out, but when even PEOPLE magazine implies that you're doomed, well, where there's weed smoke, there's probably fire.

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