Liam Hemsworth told Miley Cyrus to keep her engagement ring as a memento of their relationship (which can be either sweet or douchey depending on how you look at it), but the 'We Can't Stop' singer isn't sure exactly what she wants to do with it just yet -- and the reasons for that vary.

E! Online sources say Cyrus is "doing good" (so much for adverbs) and that she's excited for her album to drop, but that she's "not sure" what she'll do with the Neil Lane sparkler.

That may be because she's still hung up on Hemsworth.

"She texts him so much, especially super late at night," a source told Life & Style (via Hollywood Life). "His friends joke about it. Liam doesn't want to be mean -- but he wants to be single."

Another source told Hollywood Life, "Liam feels totally alive and no longer trapped in a relationship that wasn't working for a while. He is loving being the single man on the prowl, he is young and has to fulfill those needs, which would be something he would have zero chance to do if was married."

Is it us or does that sound creepy and predatory? Whatever.

Other sources say that Cyrus is over the whole thing too, because Hemsworth doesn't like her "urban" new image.

"Miley's all about empowerment and having a strong sexy image, so being with a guy that's not willing to be there for her publicly and stand by her looks really bad," a source said.

"Miley's telling everyone it’s over for good this time. She's been trying for so long to fix things with Liam but it just doesn't seem like Liam's willing to fight for her and she doesn't see why she should be the one putting in all the effort," the source added. "They fight so much, and it's been taking a huge toll on her, all the drama and the negativity is not good for her health. And it's terrible for her career!"

But it's great for 'Wrecking Ball' promotion, right?

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