Not in any hurry to quell negative stereotypes, Snoop Lion claims that there's no room for homosexual men in hip-hop.

But it's not what it sounds like.

When The Guardian (via TMZ) asked Snoop, who's a vocal supporter of same sex marriage, what impact Frank Ocean coming out would have on rap, the blunt-loving rapper was, well, blunt.

"Frank Ocean ain't no rapper," Snoop snapped. "He's a singer. It's acceptable in the singing world, but in the rap world I don't know if it will ever be acceptable because rap is so masculine."

He explained further, "It's like a football team. You can't be in a locker room full of motherf----g tough-a-- dudes, then all of a sudden say, 'Hey, man, I like you,'" he said. "You know, that's going to be tough."

Still, the canine-cum-King of the Jungle made sure to clarify that he's no homophobe himself.

"I don't have a problem with gay people," Snoop assured. "I got some gay homies." They just probably don't rap about it.

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