Remember how Selena Gomez was pretty much enlisted by Justin Bieber's camp to keep him out of trouble?

Yeah, about that.

TMZ reports that Gomez and Bieber were both spotted imbibing on the Fourth of July together. Gomez, 20, sipped from a red cup (whatever, it may have been Sprite) while Biebs, 19, drank a bottle of Dos Equiis. (You can see the snaps here.)

The pics were taken at a pal's home in the Hollywood Hills, which is still part of the United States -- meaning the legal drinking age is still 21.

The pair officially reunited shortly after this party went down, but with certain conditions from Sel: Bieber needs to quit smoking weed and doing things like, you know, peeing in mop buckets.

But apparently boozing underage is totes fine -- which is good, or else it would make Gomez look like a real hypocrite.

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