During Selena Gomez's appearance at SXSW yesterday (March 11) to promote the upcoming film 'Spring Breakers,' she and her castmates broke into an impromptu performance of '...Baby One More Time.'

A performance, we should say, that was buzzworthy enough to get even Britney Spears' attention.

Selena and crew sang a rendition of Britney's 'Everytime' in the film. So when allegations that they lip-synced surfaced, they decided to break into song to prove their vocal prowess -- but even though it was a group effort, it was Gomez's voice that took center stage.

The crowd was amped up by the whole thing, but one person in particular really enjoyed it: Britney herself. After she saw the video, the newly brunette pop superstar took to Twitter to express her approval:

If things don't work out with the movie, maybe Selena has a future on the road with BritBrit. Or at least they could get together, share some Hooter's wings, and talk about the Justins they've left behind.