The Britney Spears and Sam Lufti trial saga continues, with Lufti testifying that physical abuse from Spears' family and death threats from her fans left him feeling suicidal.

Aw. Poor baby. Poor manipulative, famewhoring baby.

In case you've forgotten, Lufti -- pictured above on the far right -- is suing the Spear's family for unpaid management fees, battery and libel.

And Lufti recently took the stand to detail his claims that he was beaten by Spears' father Jamie inside her Beverly Hills home, saying Mr. Spears "barged into the house, lunged at me with fists balled, and chased me around the kitchen island.”

Lufti tries to make the event sound traumatic, but the mental image of two grown men chasing each other around a kitchen island is actually pretty funny, especially since Sam so had it coming.

He also alleges that Jamie beat him, spit at him and attacked him before being kicked out by security. Jamie allegedly returned the next day, accused Lufti of “abusing [Britney's mom Lynne],” gave Sam another well-deserved beat-down, and threatened to kill him.

For the record, Jamie's lawyer Leon Gladstone acknowledges his client touched Lufti on the back, but says he did not strike him.

Regardless, there were plenty of waterworks as Lufti broke down on the stand while detailing the trauma, also explaining that Lynne Spears' book (in which she said Sam drugged Britney and cut her off from her family) resulted in death threats from the singer's fans that made him “depressed, anxious and suicidal."

To discredit Lufti and his crocodile tears, Gladstone mentioned four restraining orders against Lufti, along with accusations from former neighbors and roommates who accused him of harassing them through phone calls and texts. One man even claimed Lufti broke into his social media and email accounts and sent “abusive messages to his family.”

Ain't this guy a peach?

Although Lufti denied all that, Joel Boxer, Britney's attorney, was able to discredit his story even more by making note of several inconsistencies in his testimony about the period when he was supposedly hired as the pop star's manager.

The court case is expected to last a couple more weeks, with Lynn and Jamie Spears taking the stand in the next few days. But even when it's all over, that doesn't mean Lufti will finally disappear from the public consciousness as he should -- seems he's in talks with yet another fragile (read: unbalanced) soul, Courtney Love, about possibly putting together a musical about her life with the late Kurt Cobain.