While his on-and-off girlfriend Kristen Stewart is the face of high-end fashion house Balenciaga and its Florabotanica perfume, Robert Pattinson now has a post-'Twilight' fashion house gig of his own -- he's just been confirmed as the new face of Dior's men's fragrances.

Twihards, start saving some cash for fashion mags so you can rip out those print ads and tack 'em to your walls. Because as everyone knows, both Edward Cullen and his portrayer sparkle.

"Rob likes the brand," a source told E! about Pattinson's new endorsement. But we bet he likes the $12 million payday even better.

And it doesn't come a moment too soon -- with the 'Twilight' saga winding down, Rob could use a gig like this. Because as much as the franchise's fans seem to lose their little minds over him, his non-Cullen movie parts haven't generated nearly as much interest as his vampiric one. Maybe Dior's just hoping that all those Twihards will want their men to smell like him, too.

Pattinson, that is. Not Edward. Someone's who's been dead for more than a century probably has an aroma to which we'd rather not be subjected.

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