Rihanna adored her grandmother, and when she passed, the Bajan beauty went all out in funeral arrangements for her grandmother.

Except she allegedly didn't go all out in actually paying for them. Oops!

TMZ reports that Rihanna is being sued for the bulk of her grandmother's funeral costs after simply failing to pay up for the expenses.

RiRi reportedly had a huge bash to celebrate the life of the late Dolly Braithwaite, complete with tents, TV screens, floral arrangements and more, totaling about $150,000. However, when the bill came, Rihanna is said to have paid about $37,500 worth of the bill and ignored the rest.

Rihanna has said that the funeral bill was "exorbitant" and refuses to pay any more of it. The funeral home, meanwhile, is basically saying, "Hey, that's how much all this stuff costs."

Of course, there's a chance that the funeral parlor is taking advantage of Rihanna's wealth and celebrity, but based on the expenses listed, it doesn't seem far fetched that the event would have cost more than most people's houses.

It's only the latest in a slew of recent lawsuits in which the 'Diamonds' singer is embroiled. She just came out on top in a suit against TopShop for using her image without her permission.

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