Rihanna wastes no opportunity to to flaunt her boobs nor her relationship with Chris Brown. The shirt averse singer got pretty peeved when Complex magazine had the gall to ask her about the latter, though. Because despite being all over her public Instagram account, it's 'Nobody's Business.'

Rihanna cut her interview with the men's magazine short when they dared to go there.

Per E! Online, the journalist for the mag asked her why she'd record a song with Brown if it's really, well, 'Nobody's Business.' (Mad clever.)

Her response?

"Pardon me? It's the truth. Remember?" Apparently the writer didn't, perhaps because Rihanna constantly tweets, poses and posts about her relationship with her former abuser.

She explained, "It's a fun record that The-Dream wrote and we loved the lyrics. You're still asking me questions about it, so clearly you don't know." Which may be why they were asking questions ... to find out.

In any case, Rihanna then cut the interview short, but proceeded to tweet out photos of herself topless on the cover, because it might be the most interesting thing she's done since 'We Found Love' -- and it's still nothing we haven't seen a million times already.

Rihanna, pro tip? Do a new trick and people may ask new questions.