Occasional singer and prolific Instagrammer Rihanna may have made her relationship with Chris Brown permanent, since the Bajan beauty is rumored to have inked "Breezy" somewhere on her person.

Apparently the marks Brown left on her previously didn't last quite long enough.

Reports say the new tattoo represents her "commitment to Brown," but said reports simply imply her commitment to poor decisions.

RiRi has yet to officially confirm that she and Brown are a couple, but the dry heave-inducing photographic evidence is everywhere.

The "Breezy" tattoo, if it really exists, will be Rihanna's 19th piece of body art.

Still, only time will tell if this tale is true. Time and Rihanna herself, who poses for pictures in the buff so frequently that she's pretty much unrecognizable when fully clothed. If she did get the new ink, here's hoping that baby she wants doesn't stretch it out.

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