Blunts. They're what's for breakfast, at least when you're Rihanna.

The controversial singer has been taking a beating -- figuratively, this time -- in the press for her not-so-secret and renewed relationship with her ex Chris Brown, who administered a quite literal beating to her face in 2009.

And this photo of herself, all bedheaded with a joint in hand, probably won't win her any brownie points for being a role model, either.

The 'Diamonds' singer tweeted the pic and added the caption: "Breakfast in bed." Ah, so she wakes and bakes, tokin' up before brushing her teeth, yo.

We could chastise her for the dangers of smoking between the sheets, but we'll spare the lecture-like rhetoric and accept that RiRi is trying to show us how "hood" she is with this tough-girl photo.

While the image of her partaking in a little herb might annoy the parents of some of her younger fans, let’s just be thankful for the little things in life. Like the fact that she didn’t share a photo of herself in bed with Breezy.

Smoke 'em if you've got 'em, right?