Even though the nation has collectively banded together and gotten over Reese Witherspoon's disorderly conduct arrest, her stepmother apparently hasn't -- and she's now shopping around what she claims are Reese's deepest and darkest secrets for an alleged $100,000.

Tricianne Taylor-Witherspoon, 61, has been at odds with the actress ever since she married Reese's father Jim -- while he was still married to Reese's mom. Oops.

Reese was none too pleased with her dad's stunt, and John later told the first Mrs. Witherspoon that he didn't remember marrying Tricianne and is allegedly suffering from early-onset dementia.

Some people with dementia see rabbits. Others plan and execute weddings.

Tricianne told the National Enquirer that the father-daughter spat got so bad that John “almost bailed on [Reese] and refused to walk her down the aisle” during her wedding to Jim Toth in 2011 because of her "awful" and "disrespectful" behavior.

Now Reese's stepmonster wants to prove to America that the Oscar-winning actress isn't the “sweet, innocent girl next door that her fans think she is.” (Is famed conspiracy theorist Alex Jones involved in this? Is Reese reptilian, too?)

“Reese shows very little respect to her father, and he’s been ostracized by her because she’s so angry that he married me,” Tricianne said.

She added that she believes Reese has a serious boozing problem and needs to seek treatment, and that she'd share more secrets if only someone would cough up the six-figure payout she wants.

Tricianne and Robert Kardashian's widow should get together and write a series of books for young adults. It's important to learn early the value of marrying into a famous family and then selling out everyone you can for fun and profit.

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