Shonda Rhimes, who produces the hit television shows 'Grey's Anatomy' and 'Scandal' revealed that a third child, a baby girl has joined her family ranks.

She revealed the news via Twitter, where some of her social media followers were suspicious of her prolonged absence.

Wrote Rhimes in an adorable missive on Wednesday (Sept. 18):

The 43-year-old has two other daughters, both of whom she also adopted. She welcomed Harper in June of 2002 and Emerson in February 2012. And new baby makes three!

Said Rimes in the past of her adoption of Harper and her plans to adopt again back in April of 2012, "I've been writing adoption into story lines on my shows and only a few people close to me knew about my plan. I think the response was 'oh my goodness' from a lot of people."

We wish her and her new addition all the best!