Normally, when a celeb makes a drastic hair change, it usually means they've gone from long to short, lopping off several inches (or, in some cases, feet) of hair in favor of a new look. Sometimes there's extreme (Miley Cyrus) and sometimes there's just enough of a snip to notice (Jennifer Lawrence).

But leave it to Pink to flip the script entirely -- because the normally close-cropped pop diva has gone from short to long. Well ... sort of.

The edgy, real pop-punk princess added length with white-blonde extensions, but she kept the sides short, like Jenna Jameson and Rihanna did recently. (Gotta says, though, that Pink's look feels more natural and effortless than the aforementioned ladies.)

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The singer did warn fans via Twitter that June would be crazy hair month, and she honored that promise with her long tangle of locks. We are happy that she kept the short, sassy sides, since that's in line with her personal style.

Pink is such a cool mom, hanging with her adorbs daughter Willow Sage in these shots.

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