We brought rising pop superstar Pia Mia into our studio to discuss everything from her homeland of Guam to her ever-devoted crew (the Wolfpack!) to her latest hit, “Do It Again (feat. Chris Brown and Tyga),” and we’re rolling out the footage throughout the week right here on PopCrush every day at noon. Stay tuned!

We've talked to Pia Mia about just about everything at this point: Her summer smash "Do It Again" with Tyga and Chris Brown, her personal favorite Song Of Summer '15 (Fetty Wap's "Trap Queen" — which she's obsessed with), working on her debut album, hitting the studio with Justin Bieber, her loyal Wolfpack, dealing with negativity online and one particularly crazy fan experience. So, what's left? Her homeland!

We asked Pia about visiting Guam, and tell us one thing we must see when we finally visit, which turned out to be a real challenge: she couldn't name only one thing! Instead, she gave us a helpful handful of must-see sights and attractions on the gorgeous island, including Chamorro Village and Marbo cave. (It's safe to say we're already daydreaming about our next vacation.)

Watch Pia guide us through a few must-see spots in Guam up top.

And now, your final Pia Mia GIF: The Pia Mia Seal Of Approval.

Pia Mia Thumbs Up GIF

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