Paris Hilton is becoming more and more like a cockroach, because no matter how often we douse her with Raid, she finds new life and skitters across the floor to terrify us anew.

This time she's once again decided she's a singer, and unfortunately, Lil Wayne hopped on that broke-ass train for the ride.

Back in 2006 -- when she was still the nation's premiere chick who became famous for a sex tape -- Paris released the single 'Stars are Blind,' which inexplicably became a dance club sensation and charted in the Top 20 in more than a dozen countries.

Not long after, Kim Kardashian came along and relegated Hilton to the bottom of the pop culture trash can where she belonged. Most recently, Paris made the news for saying stupid crap about the gays and making out with girls, but that's a far cry from the iron-grip she once held on the tabloid headlines.

And now she's trying to make herself relevant again with a "musical" (and we do use the word loosely) collaboration with rap star Lil Wayne.

The song, subtly titled 'Last Night (I Wanna Bang You),' is a craptacular auto-tuned mess with a thumpathumpa beat that -- unless she pissed off the gays a bit too much -- will likely be heard in dance clubs the world over, thanks largely to the relevance of Lil Wayne.

The lyrics are essentially a nod to Hilton's '1 Night in Paris' sex tape. Because when you get lost, the best thing to do is just turn around and go home.

Paris starts out crooning, "I can’t believe what we did last night / I wanna wake up in the morning sun / Falling over, Telling everyone / I can’t believe what we did last night."

Then Lil Tunechi jumps in with, "Last night was awesome / Super f---ing awesome / It was me, myself, and I, and her / We had ourselves a foursome ... Excuse my french, but f--- the cameras / I wanna spend a night in Paris."

We just love romantic ballads, don't you?

The video above isn't the actual video for the song -- it's just something to look at while you listen. But we'll understand if you'd rather not.

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