After a long period of blissful public silence, Paris Hilton is back in a big way.

First she said some rather regretful things about gay men, and now she's in the news again -- this time for allegedly sucking face with a woman. Because while gay men are all icky and AIDS-infested, girl-on-girl action? Is totally hot.

But her boyfriend didn't seem all that turned on, because he wound up in a fight over the whole thing. (Honestly, if 'Jersey Shore' wasn't already DOA, we'd swear these two were auditioning.)

TMZ reports that Hilton’s current diddle, River Viiperi, was arrested early Monday morning after a fellow partier in Vegas accused Viiperi of assaulting him. But before we get into that, let’s hop in the DeLorean and go back in time a bit.

Here we are at Las Vegas nightclub XS a few minutes before Viiperi was involved in this alleged altercation. What do we see happening? Well, of course, as one would assume, we see Paris making out with another girl.

Next thing we know, the boyfriend of this other chick files a report with the police claiming that Viiperi got upset about the lusty Sapphic action and punched dude in the face. Punched him so hard, in fact, that he needed medical attention.

This “medical attention” must have amounted to using a frozen margarita as a cold compress to reduce swelling, because when the cops arrived, they arrested Paris’ 21-year-old male model boytoy for misdemeanor battery and then cited and released him without even providing a complimentary ride to the station.

So far, Hilton's people haven't released a statement, but somewhere right now, Lindsay Lohan is all, "Pfft. Swapping spit with girls? That's so 2000 and late."

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