Halle Berry, her young daughter Nahla and beau Olivier Martinez were leaving LAX on Monday, April 1, when - shocker - they were met by a crowd of foaming-at-the-mouth paparazzi.

And Berry, who dislikes her kid's photo being taken so much that she wants to move to France to avoid it, pretty much came unglued.

"Get away! There's a child! Jesus! People, there's a child!" she screamed into the crowd.

Did we mention there's a child?

After a paparazzo is allegedly shoved by Martinez, he goes to get some answers and is met with a swift kick to the shin (French justice). Then Halle gets him to stand down and they ride off into a sunset of flash bulbs.

Listen, guys. Just because a girl is willing to have fun and slather her breasts in guac doesn't mean she won't defend her children with the fury of 1,000 people who bought tickets to see 'Catwoman' in theaters.

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