After a three-year partnership, Nicki Minaj's hair stylist (read: weave and wig stylist) has moved on to tease and spray fake Christmas tree snow on other celebrities who will allow him to properly express his art. Seems Minaj just didn't understand his deep dark wig-making soul.

In what appears to be a rather unnecessary press release, Minaj's team said, “Terrence Davidson most recently served as the celebrity hairstylist, wig creator and creative director for Nicki Minaj. After creative differences, he has decided to pursue other opportunities.”

Davidson himself says he needed to leave Minaj's entourage in order to “re-energize” his creativity. Or he just ran out of hair colors to distract us from Nicki's temper tantrums.

In his own statement, Davidson told the media, “It has been an amazing experience offering me a chance to express my creativity and exhibit my love for the art form of wig design. I have decided to part ways from Nicki Minaj because I would like to explore other opportunities within my own brand.”

“I am very proud of the body of work built with Nicki Minaj and I appreciate the support over the years from fans who¹ve expressed love for my craft. Look forward to seeing me larger than life in 2013,” he added.

A source, however, claims Davidson left because of “a series of derogatory statements” made by Minaj and her management team.

Nicki seems so demure and non-combative (ahem), but if those assertions are true, it wouldn't be the first time a staff member quit under duress. In 2011, facialist Dawn DaLuise said after waxing Minaj's eyebrows and lip, the singer started screaming, “Who the f--- do you think you are? Look what you did to my damn face! You think this sh-- is worth $170?”

The remainder of Davidson's work on Minaj's coiffure can be viewed throughout the month of February on 'American Idol.' Set your DVRs, kids!