In addition to her other much-publicized feud with fellow 'American Idol' judge Mariah Carey, seems Nicki Minaj is now squaring off against a former judge: Steven Tyler.

Because yeah, she's that kind of crazy.

After a scathing radio interview in which he dissed the current judges on the show for being too, well, judgmental, Tyler commented, "If it was Bob Dylan [performing], Nicki Minaj would have him sent to the cornfield."

Minaj took this comment from one aging white rocker about another aging white rocker, rolled it around in her cotton candy head, and decided it was racist. Then she immediately went on Twitter so the internet could unpack the subtle nuances of their disagreement.

Ha ha, we kid. The internet isn't intended for intellectual discourse.

One message included the retort, “You assume that I wouldn't have liked Bob Dylan??? why? black? rapper? what? go f--- yourself and worry about yourself babe.”

Pump the brakes, Nicki. Steven was obviously just referencing the 'Twilight Zone' episode where people who misbehave are sent to the cornfield by a super-intelligent little boy with paranormal powers. He obviously thinks you have telepathic capabilities. We'd take that as a compliment.

Minaj ended her rant by mentioning that when Tyler first went on 'Idol,' he was ridiculed for being a sell-out, yet he has no qualms about attacking other judges. Furthermore, she has yet to judge anyone so how could he make assumptions about what she would or wouldn't do.

In other words, people who live in glass houses are racist jerks and should be mocked on the internet for it and something something something crazy nonsense gurgle click something.