Between all the late-night drama and the backstabby culture at the 'Today' show, NBC appears to be coming apart at the seams.

Now comes this report: Network execs expressly forbid former 'Today' anchor Ann Curry from publicly sending her thoughts and prayers to ABC's 'Good Morning America' host Robin Roberts, who was suffering from a rare bone marrow disease known as MDS.

In a New York Magazine cover story that focused on Curry's exit from 'Today' last summer and the tensions it caused within the network, reporter Joe Hagan explained, “Curry asked NBC if she could tweet a note of sympathy for the ABC co-host. NBC said no, afraid she was trying to aid the enemy."

Matt Lauer is currently under fire as well, after supposedly being instrumental in getting Curry punted -- and at one point he was apparently even in talks with ABC to get his own show along with his former 'Today' sidekick Katie Couric.

He eventually turned down the offer, but many insiders feel he used it as leverage in his contract negotiations at NBC. These days, he works all of four days a week and brings in $25 million a year, all while 'Today' is tanking in the ratings.

That said, he's “confident” that “the show we're doing today is the one that will allow us to dig ourselves out of the hole."

Cool story, bro.

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