Robert Downey Jr. has quickly become one of America’s most beloved comic book heroes with his intelligent and quick-witted turn as Marvel’s 'Iron Man' (aka Tony Stark), appearing in two namesake films and in ‘The Avengers.’ We’ll also never forget his place in John Hughes history as Ian in ‘Weird Science.’  We forgive him his drug-induced legal trespasses as long as he keeps brilliantly tossing out those laugh lines.

Gwyneth Paltrow, while lovely and graceful, has become irritating in recent years with her intermittent British accent (likely because of her marriage to Coldplay's English frontman Chris Martin, father of their daughter Apple and son Moses) and the gratingly pretentious attitude she often displays in interviews and on her website GOOP.

Still, she's such a good actress that in the right role -- like Pepper Potts -- she almost makes us forget to roll our eyes at the sight of her.

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