They say every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings. So when those wings are clipped, do we hear a sad trombone?

Hang around Miranda Kerr today to find out, because she's reportedly lost her gig as a Victoria's Secret Angel. Maybe. Depending on whom you ask.

Kerr's $1 million, three-year contract hasn't been renewed, and sources tell Us Weekly it's because she has a "difficult reputation." They also allege that she's just "not a big seller" for the line (despite eliciting "huminah huminahs" everywhere she goes).

"They can still use her for catalogue, where she will get a day rate, but she doesn't have to be an Angel to do that," continued the source.

But VS's chief marketing officer, Ed Razek, sang a different tune, telling E! News the company has "no plans to stop working with her" and has already invited her to walk the runway in its 2013 show.

"She is also a consummate professional," he added. "Any rumors to the contrary are simply untrue."

He did not, however, address whether or not her contract has been renewed.

Kerr, who is the mother of a 2-year-old son with husband Orlando Bloom, became the first Australian model for Victoria's Secret in 2007. And judging by how she looks in the company uniform, she's probably more than earning her keep.